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How to choose shoes


How to choose shoes

The shoes are primarily intended to be comfortable and fit. They must be of sufficient size so that they are not too small or too large. In shoes too big we will move foot which is not advisable. In shoes too small we will feel discomfort and we will have frozen fingers. After tying the shoe, the heel should not break away from the insert. On the market we find shoes of different hardness. The choice depends on your preference, decay hardness and driving style. The softer the board, the softer the shoe and vice versa. Each shoe consists of an inner and an outer shoe. They must have their own lacing system. Let's also remember to use tall relatively thin socks for better fit and comfort.


The bindings are designed to secure the shoes correctly to the board. On the market we will find many solutions, but it is important that after fasting the shoes do not move.

The correct selection of the size and hardness of the binding is important.

Let us remember that the correct choice of shoes and bindings has a huge impact on driving comfort, safety (especially ankle joints) and technique. For example, in too large shoes it will be difficult for us to properly put the board on the edge … learn more during the training.